Why I made dolls took so long

Maybe some people are wondering why I made dolls took so long, could be months. I do not make dolls one by one until finished. actually I make it gradually but simultaneously many dolls, and this depends on my spare time. 

First I will choose pattern and color of fabric first (mix match), then I start cutting off the body part of the doll that is the same pattern first, this stage can take days. 

when I start sewing I will also sew the same body parts first, this is in my opinion quite speed up the process, but because at the same time many parts of the doll and I do it myself so it is quite time consuming as well. 

the last stage, of course, fills the blank body of the doll. note … this does not include making a doll skirt. 

Why do I choose to make as well as many dolls, although it takes a long time? because so you have lots of options when my doll collection launches, i hope one suits your taste. 

But because the handmade dolls and I made myself certainly remain limited in number, not as much as the manufacturer.


Hijab dolls by TsabitaBoneka

 Assalaamu’alaikuum …

This is our newest design cotton Doll … a cotton doll with a detachable skirt. Safe for toddlers as well because there are no buttons / knick knacks easily removed to avoid choking Do you like? How do your friends think? . Create children who are allergic and cancer sufferers are very sensitive to synthetic fabric or hairy material. Therefore we also make a doll with full cotton fabric .. we choose the most quality cotton “Japan Design cotton” which has been tested durable and does not shrink although often washed