Why I made dolls took so long

Maybe some people are wondering why I made dolls took so long, could be months. I do not make dolls one by one until finished. actually I make it gradually but simultaneously many dolls, and this depends on my spare time. 

First I will choose pattern and color of fabric first (mix match), then I start cutting off the body part of the doll that is the same pattern first, this stage can take days. 

when I start sewing I will also sew the same body parts first, this is in my opinion quite speed up the process, but because at the same time many parts of the doll and I do it myself so it is quite time consuming as well. 

the last stage, of course, fills the blank body of the doll. note … this does not include making a doll skirt. 

Why do I choose to make as well as many dolls, although it takes a long time? because so you have lots of options when my doll collection launches, i hope one suits your taste. 

But because the handmade dolls and I made myself certainly remain limited in number, not as much as the manufacturer.


Hijab dolls by TsabitaBoneka

 Assalaamu’alaikuum …

This is our newest design cotton Doll … a cotton doll with a detachable skirt. Safe for toddlers as well because there are no buttons / knick knacks easily removed to avoid choking Do you like? How do your friends think? . Create children who are allergic and cancer sufferers are very sensitive to synthetic fabric or hairy material. Therefore we also make a doll with full cotton fabric .. we choose the most quality cotton “Japan Design cotton” which has been tested durable and does not shrink although often washed

Cotton Hijabi dolls September 2017 – SOLD OUT

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Terdapat bagian boneka tidak simetris, tapi semua terjahit dengan teliti , menjadikan setiap boneka kami unik.

Terbuat dari kain katun dan dakron, rok bisa dilepas, wajah dilukis dengan cat tahan air. Bisa dicuci.

Warna di foto tidak sama persis dengan aslinya karena pengaruh cahaya matahari saat pengambilan gambar. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Please read before purchase:


There is an asymmetrical doll part, but all are sewn meticulously, making each of our dolls unique.

Made of cotton fabric and sinthetic fiber filler , skirt can be removed, face painted with waterproof paint. Can be washed.

The color in the photo is not exactly the same as the original because of the influence of sunlight when shooting.
Shipping worldwide by EMS

Payment via: MoneyGram / Western Union

Hijab doll January 2017 – sold out

IMG_20170108_180119_448.jpgimg_20170111_175911_631Cotton rag dolls, stuffed synthetic fibers, cotton skirts can be removed, the doll’s face drawn with special markers fabric. Safe for babies and toddlers.

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